Keanna gives advice on how she practices self-love as a model. She wears the Midi Slip Dress in Black.

Self-love Series: How Keanna Takes Care of Herself While She Takes the Modelling Industry by Storm

Keanna is our first feature on the self-love series. She is a model who is making waves in the fashion and beauty industry, with dozens of huge brands under her portfolio.

Since the modelling industry comes with multiple challenges and a ton of pressure, we wanted to kick it back with Keanna and how she takes care of herself beyond the physical when she's off-duty. 

Check out her answers below:


1. What is self-love to you?
Keanna: Self-love means taking care of myself and appreciating myself and all the work that I do.

Keanna has done modelling work for major brands


2. How do you practice self-love? How can you be more compassionate to yourself?
Keanna: Self-love is not just about eating well, doing my skincare, and working out. It’s making sure my soul feels at peace and I am being kind to myself. We are often most critical of ourselves but viewing myself as just another person doing their best to live has given me great contentment.


Keanna gives advice on listening to your body

3. Any tips/advice for anyone who strives to practice self-love more on a daily basis?
Keanna: Above all, be kind to yourself. Make sure to listen to your body and be aware of your feelings. There’s nothing else I can tell you but to do things you, not anyone or anything else, feel the need to do. Rest if you want to, work if you want to, do things that make you happy, even if it’s doing nothing at all.


The Outliers Studios self-love campaign was created as a reminder that cool girls don't need to be effortless. Self-love and self-care is a continuous journey we would love to take you on. 


Check out Keanna as the face of our Midi Dress & Striped Overshirt campaign. Find her on Instagram @keannalois 

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