Self-love Series: How Law Student Nash Practices Self-Love on the Daily

Self-love Series: How Law Student Nash Practices Self-Love on the Daily

Nash is a current law student and resident cool girl based in Manila, Philippines. 

As law school is notoriously challenging in its nature, we decided to take a deep dive into how a law student keeps sane in her day to day through self-care and making the right choices.


1. What is self-love to you?

Nash: Self love to me is about creating an environment for myself that allows me to grow as a person. It’s not just about treating myself or saying positive affirmations in the mirror, but making choices that are going to better me mentally, physically, or spiritually, even if it’s the more difficult choice. Loving yourself also means choosing to do what is best for you



2. How do you practice self-love? How can you be more compassionate to yourself?

Nash: I practice self love by giving myself the time and space to feel everything I need to - whether that’s sadness, anger, insecurity, or disappointment. I think it’s important to welcome and accept these emotions as they come because they are normal and part of being human. BUT after these feelings have passed, I like to remind myself that I am still and have always been worthy of love, respect, and kindness, regardless of the negative thoughts and emotions I might feel towards myself. I find journaling helps me a lot when the negative feelings start to overwhelm me!



3. Any tips/advice for anyone who strives to practice self-love more on a daily basis?

Nash: A good tip I received before is to imagine verbalizing your thoughts to a loved one. You wouldn’t ever tell the person you loved that they are ugly, worthless or undeserving of good things. Just like you would nurture your relationship with them, you need to remember to foster a good relationship with yourself too.


The Outliers Studios self-love campaign was created as a reminder that cool girls don't need to be effortless. Self-love and self-care is a continuous journey we would love to take you on. 


Nash wears the Latte Knitted Tube Top and the Latte Knitted Skirt. Check her out on Instagram @nashpaz.

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