Dani Kleiner takes everything day by day in her makeshift studio this quarantine season. She wears the Outliers At Your Leisure Hoodie in Black.

Mundane Matters

Mundane Matters is a series from the At Your Leisure collection that features extraordinary people narrating their ordinary days. From artisans to academics, see how people draw inspiration amidst the new normal. When you think you aren't doing enough, remember that staying inside and attending to basic needs is plenty. 

Xandro Miguell, artist, shares his creative process amidst an unfamiliar time. Wearing the Outliers At Your Leisure Premium Hoodie and Trackshorts in Black and Gray

"In all honesty, the global pandemic helped me hone my creative talents. It gave me more time to think about the things in my life I ACTUALLY wanted to do — and that is to produce art. Art is my escape from the reality that we’re in right now — a reality full of uncertainty and chaos, as well as the problems that I face personally, as a human being. Though it may sound odd, I honestly find inspiration in myself — in this current world that we are living in, l learned that accepting and loving oneself is the something one can be proud of and consider a big accomplishment in life. I have been hustling and taking all the jobs I can due to the effects of the situation that the world is in right now. It has always been my mindset to use my talents to inspire others as well as sharpen my skills for any opportunities that come my way in the future— and who doesn’t like making money on the side? But, of course, as every artist does, I feel tired, unproductive, and burnt out at some times during my creative process. I’ve learned to accept that it is normal, and that all I have to do is relax and take a breather."

- Xandro Miguell


"In these trying times, we want to make the most out of what we have. In my case, I had to transition from dancing in a large scale studio to my own makeshift home studio. I used to pressure myself in order to reach the expectations of the people surrounding me. However, I realized that the future is now uncertain, which is why I have chosen to take everything day by day. In order to keep focused, I’ve learned to stick to a schedule that I’m comfortable with. Also, Zoom has been very convenient in supporting my everyday activities, especially in giving me the opportunity to train with my coaches and teachers. Seeing other people in the dance community adjusting to this new normal, my mind is at ease knowing I am not alone. When, one day, we get to go back to our normal routine, I for one am sure that I will not take it for granted again."

- Danielle Kleiner

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