The Coolest Girl You Know - Our resident Cool Girl Jeanna wears the Outliers At Your Leisure Premium Hoodie in Bone.

The Coolest Girl You Know

The Coolest Girl You Know 

The Coolest Girl You Know watches TV all day, dances like nobody's watching, and probably has more bad hair days than she likes to admit. She organizes a to-do list, then takes a 5 hour break right after. She talks to her plants like her children. She fixes her closet, only to find them in the same disheveled state the next week. She's seen Friends 12 times. She cries over movies. She gets anxious ordering food, she has a crooked smile, and thinks her face is too asymmetrical. She probably has bad posture and has high expectations for herself.

The coolest girl you know doesn't know she's the coolest girl you know. She does things at her own leisure, and spends her time relaxing more than she should. And that's okay! Because the coolest girl you know, lives at her own pace.

The Coolest Girl You Know sets her own pace.

She understands that everyone works around what they've got. She commands every room she walks into, not because she fits the exact standards of beauty the world has set, but because she knows that her best self is her authentic self. The coolest girl you know lives at her own leisure, at her own moment, at her own pace.

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