About Us

How it started

The local fashion scene lacks the go-to fundamentals. In the oversaturated market, Outliers aims to be an outlier—to go against the current of fast fashion. We want you to find expression through leisure.


Brand Statement

Outliers Studios is a brand that crafts timeless apparel pieces which underlie what it means to be unconforming.
A home-grown fashion label designed by us, styled by you.

Core Values

Outliers is an eco-conscious slow fashion brand.
Every garment is made to make people feel good, and the earth feel better.

Take inspiration from our previous collections

When everyone is trying to get somewhere to fast, we encourage finding productivity in the mundane. Keeping up with the online hustle should come with a gentle reminder that slowing things down in a while is healthy and necessary.

At Your Leisure

When everyone is trying to get somewhere too fast, we encourage finding productivity in the mundane. We need to actively remind ourselves that it is perfectly acceptable to do things at your leisure.

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Outliers Leisure Club

The Outliers Leisure Club Crewneck makes anyone look effortlessly cool. Made from the finest French Terry your hands will definitely thank you for. Perfect for lounging, playing, snacking, and everything in between.

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Palais Collection

Palais, french for 'palace', is inspired by old royalty and aristocracy.

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Primary Capsule

The forefront of sustainability: our organic woven linen is sourced locally from cultivation to harvest — because the earth is all that we have in common.

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Outliers x Xandro Miguell Collection

Amidst a dull and monochromatic atmosphere, Outliers brings the fun to you with Technicolor Summer: A capsule featuring Xandro Miguell’s muse. With every stroke of color, we intend for you to stay cool–whether atop a zesty orange, cooling off in a mojito, or swimming in halo-halo!

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